10.00    Coffee and registration

10.30    Introduction
Gabe Cook, Ciderologist
Gabe gives an overview of what’s happening in the world of cider and how the sector is beginning to focus on training

10.50    Cider category report
Westons Cider
The annual Cider Report is presented, giving insight into what’s happening in the UK cider market

11.10    Cider trends update
CGA provides its view on the future of the cider category, what trends are emerging and what types of products operators should put their bets on

11.30    Break

11.50    Small cider – room for growth?
Simon Wright, chief executive, Hawkes Urban Cidery
In this session, we discusses what the best duty option for the ‘craft’/lower volume/high juice cider maker is. Also, what changes need to be made to facilitate growth in the segment?

12.10    The world’s most exciting cider market – the USA?
Eleanor Leger, Founder, Eden Ciders, Vermont
The state of cider in the US is very different to the UK’s, in this session we give an overview of the States’ cider category and talk through what they are doing to embed knowledge and value perception into the market

12.30    Legislative landscape
Fenella Tyler, chief executive, National Association Cider Makers
In this brief look at the broader issues that could influence the future of cider, Fenella will focus on the big areas that will impact great British cider making in the coming years, including Brexit and broader regulatory change.

12.50    Lunch

13.50    A can-do attitude
Jamie Kenyon, owner, Them That Can
Cider’s entry into cans is not new, but here we explore why the format is a good option for the cider makers and consumers alike

14.10    A fine cider life
Felix Nash, founder, Fine Cider Co.
Cider is beginning to be accepted and understood by some of the finest restaurants in the country, but why and how can we grow the premium perception of cider?

14.30    Cider specific
David Gough, operations manager, The Stable
Here David talks about the benefits and pitfalls of a cider-specific operation, whether that’s a bar or restaurant, he knows it all

14.50    Round up of the day and Cider tasting